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Message from Founder,

To Our Subscriber, and new customer who hasn’t yet joined us,

This is to inform you that, we are diligently working towards our project development of the Halal Supply Chain. Here is the story, in early 2020, we have announced project development, after working for three months and couldn’t complete all features required, therefore, very eagerly and quickly I have gone to the planning table. I have communicated that via Linkedin as well as Email .

What did you plan?

Only mission I was seeking a high quality features, timely process, implementation and execute the design and development short span of time. It’s also come with lot of financial obligation that need to be part of the process. Ola, our development team came up with fantastic yet customer-centric design, and committed to fully obligation contract.

Do you have a Covid-19 impact on development?

Well definitely was a challenging time, our Independent-developer team faced a lot of challenges working from home, social distancing regulatory, and stay at home protocol, still, I was able to push the project maximum speed, however on February 2021, after reviewing all working progress report, we had no choice to give more time to the developer, they would be able to finish reminder 40% by early May 2021.

Dedicated this site to you being our valued subscriber!

Migration from AWS to our Cloud Hosting which initiated on Wednesday 3rd March 2021, I was able to spend 3 hours of time figuring out how to set up in clouds with the technical team at hosting services, the end we finally have sorted the high speed hosting for a website and uptime performance as so good, I made the decision to create this site in three days (36 Hours) of commitment, still a lot to do.!

Perseverance is the key and the power of prayer goes along the way! didn’t miss my prayer – Alhumdullah

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