7 Tips for Muslim Businesses
2021 Mar 06 By Halal Supply Chain 0 comment

How to Increase Profits and Help The Muslim Economy Grow

“I live in a suburban where there are 3 “Halal” meat stores within a 5-mile area, and another which is about 30 minutes away. I am an “American” Muslimah. In the three stores owned by Pakistani/Indian businessmen, the treatment I receive is terrible. In addition, the stores are filthy and no health code is followed. Blood from the meat is spread from meat counter to checkout counter, hands to money and pens, etc. In the store that is further away, the owner has argued and almost had fistfights with customers, and will not disclose his meat source. I have gone to great lengths to continue to buy Halal meat, but I feel that doing business with these people is not something I can continue to do.” (Comment in the Halal and Healthy forum of the Sound Vision website, July 22, 1999)

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