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2021 May 18 By Halal Supply Chain 0 comment

This announcement comes surprisingly unpleasant to us. After many months of working toward the project, we expected to finish the technical work on 15Th May 2021. We are experiencing a delay again due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation in India. Our developer confirmed that many families of their employees have affected and lost family members, lockdown and other situations are disrupting the business activity.

What’s Next?

We are trying to come up with the best solution to push this project already finished 80% of work, and waiting for a date to fix for completed remaining 20% of work. Due to the unforeseen pandemic, how it will affect people’s lives in the country, we always respect and give time to resolute the problem for our contractors, employees, and ourselves.

Once we have accurate information of going forward, announcement will be made to our blog post, social media.

Lives Matters. Stop the Spread – Stay Safe.

Best regards

Halasupplychain.com Team