HSC Project Site Update
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Greetings Peace, Bismillah ~ in the name of Allah, most merciful, most gracious. Latest update on # HalalSupplyChain – July 2021 – Update >>Project Development on Progress: We have negotiated to complete the final phase of the development of the Halal Supply Chain Website Coding and framework programming by August 2021 >> What’s Next: A: We have set the project deadline and expect to finish work in August remaining  20% of coding and framework, server propagation.B: To integrate payment system and shipping partners and Email Communication Tools.  >> TimeLine Projected Task:   July – August – We are upgrading our E-mail client…

Halal Supply Chain Website
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Update:This announcement comes surprisingly unpleasant to us. After many months of working toward the project, we expected to finish the technical work on 15Th May 2021. We are experiencing a delay again due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation in India. Our developer confirmed that many families of their employees have affected and lost family members, lockdown and other situations are disrupting the business activity. What’s Next?We are trying to come up with the best solution to push this project already finished 80% of work, and waiting for a date to fix for completed remaining 20% of work. Due to the…

Update: Message from Founder
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AssalamualaikumWahrahmatullahWabarakaTu | Greetings| Hello, Message from Founder, To Our Subscriber, and new customer who hasn’t yet joined us, This is to inform you that, we are diligently working towards our project development of the Halal Supply Chain. Here is the story, in early 2020, we have announced project development, after working for three months and couldn’t complete all features required, therefore, very eagerly and quickly I have gone to the planning table. I have communicated that via Linkedin as well as Email . What did you plan? Only mission I was seeking a high quality features, timely process, implementation and…

Running Multiple Businesses
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Running a Multiple Business Can Be Daunting But It’s Not Impossible. Managing your time is equally important as well as changing the procedural strategy to unite the productivity and resources. We do not need to reinvent the wheels, here what are the top experts are saying! READ HERE 9 Ways You Can Successfully Oversee Multiple Business 

Egos Screwing Up Businesses
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The Concept of an Ego in Islam Ego is a double-edged sword, it can help you attract a few fans but on the other hand, it will fill the hearts of other people who surround you with hatred. After all, no one likes someone to treat him arrogantly. An arrogant person is the one who acts as if he is superior, more worthy, and more important than the others. Islam encourages Self Respect but orders you to not confuse it with your “Ego”: Ego is like a man that cares about his public reputation Ego is nothing more than a…

7 Tips for Muslim Businesses
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How to Increase Profits and Help The Muslim Economy Grow “I live in a suburban where there are 3 “Halal” meat stores within a 5-mile area, and another which is about 30 minutes away. I am an “American” Muslimah. In the three stores owned by Pakistani/Indian businessmen, the treatment I receive is terrible. In addition, the stores are filthy and no health code is followed. Blood from the meat is spread from meat counter to checkout counter, hands to money and pens, etc. In the store that is further away, the owner has argued and almost had fistfights with customers,…